Don’t Holla @ me

Today while I walked form the bagel place to my School’s campus a man sitting at a red light called out of his rolled down window to me. While I am enjoying the warming weather along with everyone else, is it necessary to yell at women as they walk by? I would understand if he was asking directions (because we all know men will really ask for directions! [sarcasm] HA!) or if he was in distress, but this gentleman (I use the term extremely loosely) was not in any of these type of situations. In face he said  “Hey!” and waved so I kept walking. As I got to the corner to cross in front of his car, he calls “Hey Baby where you going?” So I point to my wedding ring and continue on my way.  He then leaves me with a parting comment of “How long you had that problem?” 

Gentlemen, or men if you don’t like that title: please don’t be rude or nasty to women. Its not nice. What would your mother/grandmother/sister any important female in your life think? It is also very unattractive to yell from your car to a woman. Its not a great way to get their attention, or to try to induce them to talk to you. Its very likely to repel them. So if you see an attractive woman from your car, and you feel the urge to meet her, find another, inoffensive, non-stalkerish way to get her attention.


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