Pregnant Friends

I have been surrounded by pregnant women! Several of my friends are at different stages of pregnancy, and for the few that are having their first child they have that dewy eyed idealized dream of how perfect their child will be. And that child will be perfect. All babies are, no matter what. (don’t agree? would love to know why, bet you can’t give me a good reason) The comical thing is that they feel they will be perfect parents. And look down on you for your parenting faults. Boy do they have a surprise waiting for them! No parent are not perfect, everyone thinks they will be (I did!HA!) and aren’t. The thing is to not be disappointed by your lack of  patience or get over stressed when your kid watches to much TV or eats something they really shouldn’t. AND don’t look down your nose at what other parents do with their children. Remember every kid is different and has different needs, and each parent has a different way of dealing with it. I know I still do this but I’m working on it cause I hate it when people stare at me cause my kid is the one screaming their head off for a piece of candy or a cookie in the supermarket!


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