Second Pregnancy

I realize that this is not a popular way to feel but I hate being pregnant. This pregnancy was not in any way enjoyable. Being so close to the end all I can feel is relief to have it over and have the baby.  I want the baby, but wish I could have skipped the pregnant part. I did not enjoy my growing belly, and the company who made my favorite prenatal lotion discontinued it! I have had consistent insomnia for almost 9 months. I really had a hard time remembering to take my vitamins, I craved junk food and gave into it, a lot. My knee gets swollen, and I then can’t walk. I hate being tired, and having a hard time concentrating. Keeping up with the 2.5 year old is almost impossible. And to top it all off my hormones have me more nuts than ever before!!!!! I worry that my continued annoyance, and stress of being pregnant will do something to harm the baby and then I start to worry about worrying. This experience was not as pleasant as I remembered my first pregnancy. I struggle daily with guilt about being unhappy, (succumbing to a stereotypical Jewish feelings) and just want to have the baby and move on to the next stage of life with my family. As I type this at almost 2AM, I am aware that I maybe summing it all into one big vent, but at least I have a healthy place to do it.


One comment on “Second Pregnancy

  1. Jessica Whiting says:

    Believe me you are not alone! I couldn’t enjoy pregnancy, or actually I could not STAND being pregnant is more like it. But I am greatful that I got through it cuz I can’t imagine life w/o my little boy.

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