Baby Carrier Love

Ergo Baby Carrier, I loved using it with Dorothy! Seriously it was the greatest thing I had from her baby days (which seem so long ago and at the same time just yesterday!)
This baby carrier was so comfortable and easy to use, and seriously, made my life more manageable. Dorothy went through a phase where she didn’t want to sit in the carriage when taking a walk. My choice was to carry her or not walk, and not walking was not an option. So into the Ergo she went. I could still go on the ‘mommy walks’ and socialize and exercise, which I needed the first year of her life!
Dorothy would fall asleep so easy in the Ergo… I just had to walk around the house, pick up a little bit and before I knew it she was out, and I was able to put her down and get something done. In the middle of the night I could sit in the rocking chair with her in the Ergo and not worry about how tired my arms were and if I would drop her by falling asleep myself. (Yes those where some of my first time mother worries!)
That first year we went to see Lucian Freud at the MoMA (He’s been one of my favorite artists for a long time, and this was the first time I had the opportunity to see a whole show of his work). So I wasn’t going to miss the show, but the MoMA is not the most stroller/carriage friendly environment. So into the Ergo Dorothy went and I was able to enjoy the whole show, relax and take in all the art I wanted. It was a wonderful experience! Seriously the Ergo gave me the freedom to keep a little of my baby free life at times.
With the impending arrival of my next child I am looking forward to using my Ergo again. This time I plan to be able to use it right from the get go. Ergo finally came out with an infant insert that will work! (at least the reviews of it have been really good and it looks like it will really work) The old insert kind of sucked, it was pretty much worthless, and kind of sucked that I bought it when I did. I have several friends who have used the Ergo and we all agree that the old insert sucked. I have high hopes though for the new one! If you want to do the baby wearing thing, the Ergo is a great way to go, it seriously made my life better!

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One comment on “Baby Carrier Love

  1. Baby Slings says:

    Seriously the Ergo gave me the freedom to keep a little of my baby free life at times.

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