No no no, not for Mommys!

That, along with a wiggling finger, is what I get from my toddler when I’m doing something she doesn’t want me to do!! And I really fight to not laugh, and take her seriously. Its hard. She learned to wiggle her finger over the summer like that with the “No no no” in CA while spending the week with all of my in-laws families. Not sure who’s responsible for it 😉
The first time she said it in that serious and sweet voice to someone else, (her best buddy’s mother, as they got ready to leave the park) I was mortified! Silly me, I thought for some reason she had learned manners without me, HA!
Now she says it to everyone… grandparents, great grandparents… last night her dad! She got so mad at whatever it was he did, she told him over and over throughout the evening, “thats not for daddies, its for Dorothy’s!”

When shes not telling me No


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