“I’m not a Baby!”

Dorothy was yelling this to some older children at an indoor playground the other day. This tiny little 2 1/2 year old (she’s hardly on any growth chart) is one tough cookie. She refuses to be pushed around by anyone. Often I have observed her in situations, which she and another child aren’t “being nice” or “sharing.” (How terribly 2 years old!) Most of the time I step in and try to get her to exhibit the appropriate behavior, and I understand that it’s a learning process. But when I see her stand up for herself, I just let the situation play out as long as no one is getting hurt. This time she was doing just that! At this indoor playground (thank god for those in the winter!) 3 older children refused to let her play with them telling her “No Babies allowed!” All she did was correct them, repeatedly! And Strongly! Dorothy does not seem to be intimidated by other children. She knows her mind and refuses to be told otherwise. This gets in the way of parenting her, but I am starting to see its benefits!

Other times I have noticed that Dorothy will not back down from older/bigger children when they try to take a toy, or refuse to play. She tried to break up a fight between 2 little boys by giving them extra toys, instead of fighting over the 1 on which they were focused on. Dorothy seems to love when everyone gets along, a trait inherited from her father. Even at 2.5 years, it has manifested itself often! I have to admit my surprise and pride in her behavior. It makes those “2 year old moments” worthwhile.


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