Painter in the house!

Dorothy LOVES to paint! She was preoccupied for over an hour! It was so much fun to watch her. She actually thought about what colors to use, rearranging the paints so she could have the color she wanted. This maybe common behavior, but as her mother I found it special. I am aware that shes not an artistic genius, and that all children love to play with paints and coloring etc. Its fun to share these experiences with her, Matt and I really do overreact! So what? Shes so expressive, her face and behavior always make me laugh! She refused to look at the camera, and then was annoyed with me for distracting her! Now she wants to paint almost every day.


One comment on “Painter in the house!

  1. Jennifer K says:

    How sweet, when did you introduce painting to her? Xavier is 16-months now and I’m wondering what new activities I can do with him. I try to give him paper and crayons and he’s only interested for about a minute before he wants to put the crayons in his mouth or throw them on the floor….lol!

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