One heck of a week

This has been a very eventful week… just not in the way I thought it would be! My due date is today, but no baby yet. This has been such a crazy week! It started out ok, nothing to eventful monday… but every day after was some type of something!

Tuesday: call from the Dr saying I missed my appt. My reaction: “WHAT?? Seriously?” turns out that when I got a reminder call last week they stated the wrong day and so I wrote down the wrong day! Ugh, I had to drive all the way to Troy (45 minuets away) for another appointment.

Wednesday: This middle of the week day was anything but boring! Preschool registration day, which means getting to the YMCA at 7 am for the 9am sign up. We got there right at 7 to sign the list, and we where #53 or something at 7 am!!! Some people had been there since 5 am waiting to enroll their child into preschool. We got one of the last spots of the class I wanted Dorothy to be in. It was not easy waiting with a 2 year old, but thankfully only minor meltdowns occurred. After the stress of preschool registration, I went to the chiropractor (hoping to kick-start labor, didn’t happen!) and on the way home got into a FENDER BENDER! This teenager ran into me at a stop sign! He freaked out when he saw this big pregnant lady waddle towards him. He started to hyper ventilate and then almost cry! Not what I expected, I felt so bad for him. Thankfully the car was not damaged, Dorothy and I and baby were ok… the worst I think was that I got knocked out of alignment! Matt came home to tell me he was laid off (very common and expected in his line of work) but still stressful. The timing is good though, since he’ll be around for the baby’s birth. And then I had class until 9pm… it was a LONG day.

Thursday: Nice morning. Matt went to Open Gym, where he was the star of the day. The kids LOVED having a Dad run around with them and play ball and everything else. I think he got a little overwhelmed, lol. Other then that it was a nice day, dinner with my grandparents, which is always nice.

Friday: Finally got to see the midwife this week. And nothing. Just “we’ll see you next week. but hope we will see you sooner!” yea me to. SO ready to have this baby… did get several chores done. Lots of driving to find a 25 ft garden hose so I can have a water birth should I want one.  My knee swelled up (pre usual) and twisted my ankle.

Now I’m awake in the middle of the night waiting, hoping and praying to go into labor… eating ice cream, which is making me sick as soon as I’m finished eating it. This week would be topped perfectly if I could just finish it off by having my daughter!


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