Supermarket Incounter

The other day Dorothy and I took a trip to the store. As per our routine, we walked through the produce section, looking for something yummy to eat for dinner. While checking out the green beans and carrots, next to us was an old woman is going through the bags of baby carrots. After several minutes of looking at several bags (I got carrots and bagged green beans, and had moved over to mushroom on the other side of the carrots, while she was at this) she finally must have found a good bag. Which she then dropped!! I look over and smile and shrug an “oh well” kind of shrug. She then asks me “Do you think you could pick those up dear?” to which I look at her and say “No, I’m sorry. I’m 9 1/2 months pregnant. I can’t get down that far either.” She looked very shocked. I felt bad, but I wasn’t about to kill myself for a bag of baby carrots!


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