its a b%!*#. It’s painful on my breast, hard to move my arm on that side, and gave me a very high fever. It makes my skin itch, and leaves red spots around the breasts. This is not easy. Anyone who has had it will sympathies, and understand that I wish I could skip over the hard part and just get to the easy part of nursing, where the baby latches on easily, I produce enough milk for her and don’t have an over abundance and there is no more pain or sore nipples or engorgement. Nursing a baby isn’t easy anyway you look at it, it’s a lot to take on but additional problems such as this makes me understand why women give it up. There was a recent article in TIME that talks about women who give their babies breast milk bottles only. They don’t nurse, they pump. I pumped when I went back to work with Dorothy, and that was not easy either. Pumping takes a lot of time, and it also ties you down. But I understand why women are doing it. You pump when you need to, no sore nipples, or bleeding nipples no engorgement worries (which might be a reason for getting Mastitis), if you over produce it can be saved in the freezer for up to 6 months. There are more options with breast milk bottles, if you work or need to leave your baby, and they take a bottle you can do that. I go to grad school, and will have to leave Eleanor soon, and so that means starting her on a bottle. She will get a bottle twice a week, and I am very comfortable with leaving her with bottles. This does not make my job any easier though, since she still has to be fed, either by nursing or by bottle. And at 2 am, lying down with Eleanor between me and Matt to nurse is much more relaxed then getting up and putting a bottle together for me. But only for me…


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