B.R.O.C.C.O.L.I. !

Hurray for broccoli! Hurray for Dorothy eating it!! Raw, cooked, almost any way you make it she will eat it (except for in Chinese food, shes not a fan).(now time for a little bragging)

A few days before Mothers Day, while picnicking with my mommy friends, we were all marveling at how well our children ate fruit and berries. It was fun to pat our selves on the back for being good mothers, and raising children who enjoy eating healthy food. I enjoy watching Dorothy eat healthy food, and knowing that she is learning to eat well for the rest of her life. I enjoy “health food” and I want to pass that along to my girls. So far she is on the right track!!

Also on this Mother’s Day I want to thank my mom, who taught me to eat well, and takes care of my girls!


2 comments on “B.R.O.C.C.O.L.I. !

  1. Jessica says:

    Great broccoli pics :-). Cade and I are big fans too!

  2. Mommyof2 says:

    I have a pasta dish then that you would love… next time you come over I’ll make it!

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