Baby Carrier Love cont.

I love the new infant insert for the Ergo Baby Carrier! In the last 2 months, it has saved the day more than a few times. I can “put Eleanor on” and still have my hands free to play with Dorothy.

When Eleanor is cranky, in the Ergo she goes… a little rocking… and I have calm or sleeping baby. It really is wonderful, I put Eleanor down while still in the insert and she will sleep like that for a long time! I love baby wearing! I had to go shopping today (oh the horror!) with my 2 girls. Dorothy went into the stroller and Eleanor into the Ergo… when she fell asleep I just laid her down the stroller, tried on my clothes, and then put her back in the Ergo when she woke up again. It makes life so easy. I go on the “mommy walks” with my friends, and just push Dorothy in the single stroller and Eleanor is happy to be worn. I have even tried to nurse her while in the Ergo, (we where at the park for a play date) and it went fairly well. Obviously I HIGHLY recommend it if your going to do the babywearing thing.

continued from this past post


3 comments on “Baby Carrier Love cont.

  1. A. says:

    How old is your baby in those pictures?

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