Making dinner

I found a new blog that I have been loving. I tried making the lemon herb chicken It came our amazing!! I am going to try the fried chicken next.
Its so much fun to find something like a new blog that gives you new ideas for dinner. There are a few I read (see the side bar and check out Lainey’s Plate). So far this one is just what I need, since its for my crock-pot. I am working out easy dinners that I can have ready easy. I will be student teaching in the fall, and I am super excited about it! (Can’t wait to get into the classroom and start learning from the students!!) But I am worried about well, a million things! Having a good dinner for us to eat. We like tasty food, but I want it to be easy (oh, and healthy too). So I am hoping that this new blog will help me do that. (smile)


One comment on “Making dinner

  1. Tes says:

    The recipes links are great. Thanks for sharing, and good luck with dinner and teaching/learning.

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