Reflecting on Ellie

this baby LOVES to smile at you when you smile at her!
Eleanor has been a sleepy baby from the first day… I remember the first morning after she was born, I woke up and she was sleeping in the hospital bassinet next to me. I waited FOREVER for her to wake up (it was forever in baby time, an hour and a half). She just lied there sleeping so peacefully, and I waited for her to wake up, if nothing else to just nurse! (Shes a very efficient nurser, she eats and is done. And she wont nurse whenever, or all day, ONLY when she wants to. I could put her to my breast but that doesn’t mean shes gonna nurse, it means I’ll just be over full!)
Anyway a few weeks ago (Eleanor was a little over 1 month old) I had her on her play mat on the floor. Dorothy was also playing with her toys on the floor next to us, and I was trying to give both girls attention. Dorothy was getting frustrated with a toy, so I gave her my full attention for about 5 minutes. I turned back to Eleanor, thinking I would shake a rattle and make her smile, but she had fallen asleep!!! She was just lying there, on the floor surrounded by toys to stimulate her mind and entertain her, and she fell asleep in the midst of it all.
No fuss to fall asleep, not need to nurse to fall asleep… going to sleep just so easy. I was amazed.


A day or 2 ago, Eleanor was feeling fussy. She didn’t want to be put down. I needed to finish dinner, and I couldn’t put on the Ergo. (Most of the time I would put her in the Ergo but it was out in the car and I wasn’t able to get it in time). So I put her in the infant seat. Shes getting annoyed and is on the verge of crying, and I put up her kick toy, and I watched as her face went from unhappy to super happy! It was so cute! I watched as her mood changed instantly.


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