The Breakfast Conundrum

Dorothy doesn’t like breakfast food. Its disheartening because one of our favorite meals is breakfast. Matt and I have breakfast for dinner all of the time (or used to!).

The other day she ate left over whole wheat noodles and sautéed green beans. She asked and its healthy so I went with it. Sometimes Dorothy will eat whole wheat toast with peanut butter or cereal and milk. More often than not she eats some fruit, and nothing else. We’ve had popcorn for breakfast (only the natural non flavored kind, since thats all I will eat). It was something I used to do in college so why not with a toddler??

Breakfast is our worst meal. I’ve talked with other mom’s and most kids around Dorothy’s age really only eat 2 full meals.

She does like a glass of milk, so thats something. If we are going in the car first thing in the morning for a longer distance then my parents house, she can’t have milk. She will throw up, always does. Shes got a stomach just like me, poor kid.

So now I need some new easy and fast-ish ideas for breakfast… the search is on!


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