Strawberrys, a sign of summer

I just realized that food is a topic of several of my blogs. It all comes from loving to eat too much.

Moving on:
I took the 2 girls to the strawberry patch this week. We joined our mommy group and had a blast!
Dorothy ran around, picked strawberries, ate strawberries, fell down in strawberries! I wore Eleanor in the front carrier, and planted my self in a row for a bit. When I had picked all the strawberries I wanted in the area around me I just got up and moved a little farther down.

I came home with TONS of delicious looking strawberries!

Matt thinks I may have over done it, and hes probably right. What to do with all the berries? So far I’ve freezed 2 tupperwares full.

1 with syrup and 1 without. for syrup wash the strawberries, cut them up and put them in a freezer safe container. let the strawberries dry for a day or overnight before freezing them, you can cut them up or freeze them whole.

I will take them out of the freezer one morning in November or December or January and put them over waffles or pancakes for breakfast! A sweet memory from this summer on a cold winter morning.

I still have tones of strawberries left… and so now I am experimenting with them. I made a strawberry bread in my bread maker. The smell was fantastic while baking. The taste was kind of bland, Dorothy wouldn’t even try it after smelling it.
A friend of mine made Jam from the strawberries she picked. It sounds delicious, but I must admit I’m a little intimidated about making it. It looks a bit complicated for me> I’m not the best at cooking and worse at baking. My husband is much better, maybe I’ll get him to make it for me, even though he doesn’t like strawberries (he’s not an adventurous eater… I’ve been working on it for almost 10 years!)

I tried strawberry bread pudding too. It was ok, reminded me of french toast. Matt wouldn’t taste it, and Dorothy was done eating by the time it finished baking. Something I realized about the strawberries… they are much juicier then the ones I buy in the supermarket. This is a great thing when eating them, but it makes baking a little complicated.The juice makes the dough wetter and changes the recipes a bit. I am letting a whole tray of washed strawberries with the stems cut off dry over night before I make another attempt at a new recipe.

The next thing I want to try is strawberry shortcake cookies. They look yummy, like the bread pudding, but why is everything so fattening??!!??

If none of these new recipes work out there  is also my old stand by of strawberry chocolate chip muffins. Its my mothers recipe, and it is so good. It’s like eating a chocolate covered strawberry but as a muffin. I seriously love these muffins, as does my whole family. Even Matt, who doesn’t eat strawberries, or much of any fruit for that matter, can eat several without realizing it. Strawberry muffins are a hit where ever I bring them. Strawberry muffins are a sure thing but strawberry shortcake cookies sound like an adventure… maybe.


2 comments on “Strawberrys, a sign of summer

  1. Mary says:

    YUMMY. All your strawberry recipes sound great. You need to post the Strawberry Choco Chip muffins though. Ryan will sit down and eat a whole pint of “strawbs”(as he calls them) in 5 minutes. He would love the muffins!!

    • Mommyof2 says:

      Will post the muffin recipe eventually… gotta sit and type it out. keep looking for it! btw they came out GREAT from the strawberrys we picked!

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