reconnecting with old friends and surprise!

I know this is totally a stereotype that I’m falling into but I never expected to have the life I do now when I was growing up. AND if someone had told me where I was going to end up I would have laughed, and possibly freaked out. (I really didn’t think I wanted to be married and have children, but how many people in their teens and early 20’s know what they want like that?)

Recently I reconnected with a friend from elementary school. We were updating each other on how our lives turned out, and I was happily surprised to hear how well things have turned out for her and her family. In updating her on where I ended up, I was a little shocked to read what I typed. While writing to her, I had mentally fallen back into the person I was when I knew her a little bit.  The shock I had been from looking at my life from the point of view of a much younger me.

I believe she was also a bit surprised. We had once been extremely close, at least I thought we were. I didn’t realize she had not met my youngest brother, for instance. We were no longer friends at that time, but I had just assumed that she had because both my brother and this friend are so tied up in my growing up. (even if I was already grown when my brother was born).

Its odd to look back and forgetting where and how the pieces of your life fit together. I thought that only happened when you reached old age. Now I am realizing that it happens when you reach motherhood!


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