Our small bed

Sometimes I find that l like my children best when they are sleeping. They are peaceful and quite and look so pleasant. The other morning Dorothy climbed into my bed, as she does just about every day.  She lied down, and fell asleep on Matt’s side of the bed. I brought Ellie to the bed to nurse, and we fell asleep to. When I woke up Dorothy and Ellie had their heads together and both were fast asleep. It was so cute!

This morning Eleanor woke me up with a surprise, an exploding diaper… this was the 3rd exploding diaper in as many days.  After putting her on the bed, surrounded by pillows so she couldn’t go anywhere, I started to change her sheets. When I cam back into the room Eleanor had fallen back asleep toes in her mouth!

The girls often end up in our bed. Dorothy crawls in during the early morning hours, and Ellie and I often both fall asleep at some point during nursing. Our little bed (only a full size) gets very crowded. I can’t wait until we buy a house and then eventually buy a new bed, maybe a King size just to make up for the crowded one we have now. But by then our kids won’t be crawling n anymore. It will be so big Matt and I won’t be able to find each other… I’ll miss him, or maybe then his snoring won’t bother me so much since he’ll be so far away.


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