Movies made from Books

Matt is making me watch New Moon. I really hate watching movies of books I’ve read. I really enjoyed New Moon and the other books in the Twilight series. I have avoided watching the Harry Potter movies for years. I LOVE Harry Potter, why spoil the wonderful world my brain created by watching other people’s interpretation of it? The voices I created in my head for the characters, and the way I saw them and interpreted the books is altered. I lost the world I imagined. I think the writer loses the world they created and allows their creativity to be questioned. I am all for a reinterpretation of a book, and enjoy discussing books with people. It’s nice to take on what they took from the reading that I might have missed. I also love doing this in a classroom or school setting but that’s for another time.

I really enjoy my books. And when the live screen interpretation of a book I love doesn’t meet my standards exactly I become annoyed and sad. And then Mad. I get mad that my children will likely see the movies and have no interest in reading the books. They won’t be able to enjoy the experience I so cherished. The only time I have ever seen a movie and then gone on to read the books was Anne of Green Gables. And those books are great, as are the movies!!

Side note: maybe its always book 2 in a series, but the second book in Harry Potter and in Twilight series are my least favorite and the books I always skim instead of reread when I am reading the series again. I wonder why?


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