Jewish Holidays

In upstate NY there isn’t a large population of Jews. For the few of us that are here, its fine you learn to live with and accept it as fact.
Thus the majority or people I encounter do not understand how our holidays work. Jewish Holidays ALWAYS start at SUNSET!!! not sunrise, as Christian holidays start. We have Hanukkah Nights, you have Christmas Morning.
This year I will be student teaching. I am extremely excited to do this, get in the classroom and work with students. The school calendar has 1 of 2 major Jewish holidays in September (High Holidays) off. ONLY WE HAVE THE WRONG DAY OFF! This is frustrating beyond belief. The school calendar gives us the day off for Rosh Hashanah. Only the day of the actual holiday is the next day. The day the school gives off Rosh Hashanah starts that evening and the holiday extends to the next day, when I am expected to be in school.

This means that I will not be able to take my children to holiday services, which upsets me. We have made it a tradition since Dorothy was 1 to attend services with the Rabbi who married us, Rabbi Alpern. Matt and I really enjoy going, and its great for our children.

I understand and accept that people in upstate new york are confused, but wouldn’t it seem logical for a SCHOOL to check and make sure they are giving the right day off for a holiday? What if we had the day after Christmas off instead of Christmas?? Really it would be better if they gave no day off and I just could say that I had to take the day off to attend services. Now it will just look like I’m greedy with days off the very first week of school. So no I doubt I will take this year off, but only because I will be student teaching, and its a different situation then from a paid position.


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