Pizza Night

Another food post:

We have a bread machine and love it. We make whole wheat bread a lot, its so good. Dorothy calls it “Daddy Bread” since Matt is the bread machine enthusiast. He always wants to use it. I know he enjoys the smell of bread baking in our home. (who could blame him?)

We made pizza dough last friday. (The recipe called for beer, which was surprising to me, I didn’t know beer was a pizza ingredient. Matt used a local beer.) Matt and Dorothy had a great time making pizza. We have a pizza stone, and they made 2 small pizzas and 1 large pizza later. This was great, Dorothy loves pizza and it was so easy!

Matt really enjoyed doing this project with Dorothy. We always come home from a Project Fun or the Children’s Museum with an art project or new game. He hardly ever is able to take part in our fridge art, or other activities. Not that Matt doesn’t do a lot of fun stuff with Dorothy, he goes out with her to ride her bike and takes her to the play ground and many other activities… but not often ones where she is creating something.

This time he was at the center of the fun. Dorothy and Matt rolled the pizza out and poured on the sauce and sprinkled the cheeses together. It was a great friday night activity with such tasty results!

Ellie and I worked on baby food… shes going to be a finicky eater I think. As of right now she doesn’t like baby food. She has had a verity of diffident foods from applesauce to avocados, and many others in between… we’re going to keep trying but she really doesn’t like it thus far.  More on this frustrating point another day.


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