More Books!!

We are book people. Matt and I love reading, and having our books around us accessible. Dorothy is loving her books too… at bed time she always asks for “just one more book.” It’s very hard not to give in to that, but when its half an hour later and the light is still on, it can be annoying.
not the point.
The point is that I love that she loves books. She takes  them out to “read to Ellie” and I think “score!!”
Dorothy is about to turn 3, and she is growing out of some of our favorite books. Which is good since I am tired of reading them over and over again. I read The Littlest Princess at least 3 times tonight.  I will read the Cat in the Hat and Go Dog Go over and over again. She also loves Marvin the Ape and Ferdinand.

So I need some new books. Hanukkah is just around the corner believe it of not, it starts the beginning of December this year. I need to start thinking of gifts for both girls, and Book Night (the second night of Hanukkah in our house) is on my mind. I’m not so worried about finding books Ellie will love, baby books are familiar territory, but this new area of big girl books has me thinking. and looking for suggestions…Please?

UPDATE: 8/31/10

I forgot to mention that every book Dorothy reads by herself, she starts with “Once Upon A Time” and ends with “The End.” This goes for the books I’ve read to her so that she has memorized them and they don’t start or end with either phrase, lol


2 comments on “More Books!!

  1. We hear the one more book too at our house. Followed by the I need water, lol! My son loves find and learn books when he ‘reads’ to himself, where he searches for different objects in the pages. The Napping House is a good one with great pictures.

  2. Mommyof2 says:

    Just looked up the book… its in my cart @ Amazon! Dorothy starts every book she “reads” with “Once upon a time” and ends it with “The End” no matter what

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