Ellie vs. Food -round 1

Eleanor doesn’t like baby food. After 3- 5 bites she gets tight lipped and refused to take any more. I have to trick her into laughing and then sneak the food into her mouth. She makes a face which says “what the?? why did you do that mom??!!”

Ellie -1  /  baby food-0

So I have tried a few things, different brands, which really didn’t make much impact. My natural next step was to make the baby food. Really it seemed like a real inconvenience, its time-consuming and extra work. Or so I thought. I used this site: http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/ to guide my making sweet potato for her. It was really very easy. I didn’t follow the directions to a T but pretty closely. After baking the sweet potato, I even froze the extra!! I popped them out of the ice tray and they are now nice single serving sizes in a tupperwear in the freezer.

The kicker: Ellie seems to like the home-made baby food. She ate almost a whole serving, which is MUCH LESS then a whole jar of baby food, but its a start. If I give her the spoon with a little food on it now she will stick it in her mouth, and teeth on the spoon. At least she isn’t make a face of disgust anymore! I am going to try carrots and peas next.

I do not think I will take this to the extreme, since I have so much going on in addition. If I can get her to start really eating food, and begin to cut back on the nursing then that will be great!

Ellie -1 / baby food-1/2


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