Sing it Sister

Over the long holiday weekend, we did a lot of schlepping with the girls. We had dinner with my family 1 night, and spent 2 days with Matt’s parents and then at his grandparents house. There was a lot of driving involved. Eleanor is not a great passenger. She pretty much hates the car. Dorothy doesn’t mind the car, but gets car sick and so it stresses me and Matt out. These longer car rides (longest being 1 hour 15 min, this weekend) are hard. I look ahead to them with dread. Often we can’t get between my parent’s home and our place without stopping 1 or 2 times, and that’s only a 10 minuet drive!!

Now to the point: Eleanor was having a particularly tough time in the car the other night on our way home. She was not calming down with just the pacifier. She had no interest in toys or anything else.

Dorothy then began to sing! She started to sing our good night song all on her own. She just knew what to do to calm Eleanor down. I started to sing with her. Sometimes our children just know/remember what works before we do. It was wonderful. Dorothy soothed Eleanor to sleep with my help. I truly love those moments.


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