Eleanor vs. Baby Food – round 2

In the last few weeks we have really been struggling to get Eleanor to eat anything. She just didn’t seem to like food, and she wasn’t really swallowing much of anything. It had me worried. After about 5 bits she would start to cry and I would give up. Don’t need to make her crazy over food. I spoke with her doctor and she was going to refer us to a speech therapist who could “teach” Ellie how to eat. Seemed like a good idea, and so i agreed. (I’m still waiting to hear from the therapist to set up an appointment).

As of last night she ate mashed avocado and loved it! I feed her with my finger instead of a spoon, and Ellie kept pulling my finger back for more. She swallowed a lot of it, and really enjoyed it. So I know she can swallow food, all I have to do now is figure out how to keep her eating.

She also is teething like crazy, 3 top teeth at once. Not much sleep in our house the last few nights. Its going to be an interesting week of teaching and little sleep.

So thus far the score stands: Ellie 2 / food 1. I am hopeful that food will gain a point this week though.


One comment on “Eleanor vs. Baby Food – round 2

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