Girls at play

Dorothy and Eleanor are starting to play together. They interact with each other, and are starting to establish a sister dynamic that will last the rest of their lives. Its a wonderful bond, I hope it stays strong.
This evening the girls where sitting on the floor playing. We had just cleaned up, Dorothy was a great helper, every toy I gave her she put away. She even helped me vacuum, haha (she used the little hand-held one that we use on our car). After vacuuming Dorothy sits down with Ellie and puts a blanket over their heads making a tent! I hear giggles coming from under the tent… LOVED IT!
This tent game comes down the generations, I played “tent” under the covers with my Zaddie (grandfather) and my mom plays it with the girls when she watches them. Tonight Matt and I played tent with the girls. It was so much fun, lol. In whispers Dorothy told us about the weather outside of the tent (something she does with my mom I think) and that our cat Fanny wasn’t in the tent and was getting cold out there. I love the imagination on this kid! She learns so fast!
It was so cute to see Dorothy start playing with Ellie, and then invite Matt and me to join in.


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