I am making my husband take mine back. I know, I must have lost my mind… but honestly I really didn’t want it. Its expensive. I feel so crazy about money these days, I am so worried to spend even 2$ extra on anything that I see it as an unnecessary frivolity! I know he really wanted one. Let him keep his. I give in to things for him a lot, so I dont really mind… if there is something I really want I can have it, usually. The thing is what I really want is a house. More than anything I want a house and a particular one …

As for the iphone don’t have time to play with it, or even want to. I tried to check it out the other day and got annoyed with how much time I spent with it and not my school work. Girls where asleep, what the hell was I doing??

I spent today with it, and must admit I really do like it but again I can’t stand to spend that kind of money on something I really don’t need. Hanukkah is coming and I can use that money on my children. I need clothes for work which I have been putting off for months… maybe I should take care of that?? Next year when I am working for pay I will treat my self to an iphone, if we already have a house. And if I have time to use it….


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