the most reluctant iphone owner

I got talked into keeping it! damn salesman at the at&t store…. I downed my allowed data, and I am determined not to use it at all. I am not even looking at the app store, I will only use it for email from a wi-fi location. Its for texting and calls, and to be used as an ipod otherwise. I’m not going to even put facebook or any other websites on it. its not worth it for me … I’m still not sure I want it maybe I will just have to go there and return it anyway. I just feel so ridicules and irresponsible with it.


One comment on “the most reluctant iphone owner

  1. Suzanne says:

    I totally feel the same way about the iphone. I feel like it has way to much stuff on it than what you actually need it for, A phone. I think if I had one it would make me lazy. For sure no Facebook.

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