Been awhile… again

My life has been so busy!! I have been student teaching  (and loving almost every second of it!) and raising my 2 wonderful, beautiful girls.

There has been craziness… and drama (ugh! how I hate the drama!!) and fantastic events and moments over the last few months. To catch up we have had a roller coaster of a fall and winter.

Both the girls are getting so big it amazes me. Ellie is about to walk and Dorothy is 3 going on 13!! Ellie now picks up the phone and says hello into it, its so cute. she goes “hello, hello” and hands the phone to me so i can do it. and we play that way for quite a while. sometimes Matt and Dorothy join it, and its the whole family taking turns, lol. her newest thing is petting the cat, and she will follow the poor cat all over and reach for it, the cat just wants to be left alone.

And finally, the fall started out rough Ellie did not adjust well to being away from me for a long time, which was exaggerated by the bad situation we had with the babysitter. It was a disaster, she wasn’t taking good care of my girls and so just before Thanksgiving I took them out of her care. Unfortunately it turned out that she reacted very badly. Not only did she flip out and curse at me, accusing my mother of jeopardizing her “job”, and threatening us with legal action (although there was no contract and she was paid on a weekly basis) she spoke very badly about me and my children to all of our mutual acquaintances. Her child is in Dorothy’s pre school class and he now tells other children how Dorothy is bad and he doesn’t like her.(I feel bad for her poor children, being taught at such a young age to hate others)

I was unhappy that it did not work out, but as a mother my most important thing is making sure my children are well cared for when they are not with me. I have found wonderful care now for them (both girls are very happy with the new baby sitter) Ellie and Dorothy have had much better behavior and attitudes since the change in their care which indicates that I made the right choice…


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