Driving home from preschool Friday Dorothy tells me she has a ‘BFF’. I asked who and did she know what that meant. In a very superior voice she tells me its best friends forever and G is her best friend, duh.
(thats 2 new things: BFF and duh. great, just great)
Anyway we continue to talk about her school day, what was the project and who did she sit with to do said project, books read what was talked about etc. Then as she is telling me about the playground she said the teacher had said something about how nice it was and the next sentence was and I quot: “and me and my bff where just standing there and” (at this moment I bust out laughing.) this annoyed her so much! I interrupted her and it wasn’t funny apparently because it was a serious kind of story. I couldn’t help it, shes 4 going on 14 and it was just to funny. Then she goes “mom, it wasn’t funny Mrs.M was serious” (about how nice the weather was).


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