Holiday Highlights

Its been a while, but these are too good not to share:

Eleanor: She came running into the kitchen with her 6th night of Hanukkah present unwrapped on the afternoon of the 4th night. I KNEW it had been quite!! She came in running and yelling “Mouse Mouse! Mom! MOuse!” The toy in her hand was a mickey mouse toy. (Matt did warn me that easy access to wrapped presents might not have been a great idea, he was right. really I am surprised it only happened once)

On Christmas at her Grandparents, she had no time to unwrap gifts. She rips open the paper enough to rip open the side of a clothing box. she reaches in and pulls out a Minnie Mouse tshirt and sweatshirt set. She was very pleased!

Dorothy: she moved all the Hanukkah presents over so Santa could come through our fire place. All the Hanukkah presents are on the hearth of our fireplace and each night we open the gift designated for that night. this year since Christmas and Hanukkah coincided, we had everything out at once. Dorothy was getting ready for Santa Christmas eve and we where talking about where he would come in to the house and where to leave him his snack… and she said if Santa came through the fire place he would walk on the presents. So she moved them over out of his way…


Bubbles and Duckies!

What is it about little girls and bubble baths? Why do they love them so much?? When I was little I LOVED my bubble bath. My Bubby (grandmother) was kind of ghetto and used dish washing liquid to make bubbles in our bath. But it made better bubbles then this kid’s bubble bath I have by Johnson and Johnson. Still both Dorothy and Eleanor get excited when they see the bubbles in the tub. (Eleanor doesn’t get a bubble bath yet, but we hang out while Dorothy does. Eleanor is learning by example 😉 )

I still love bubble baths, but I like the fancy scented ones now that I’m grown. 🙂 last time I took a bubble bath, Dorothy insisted that I use her rubber duck, because thats how you have a bubble bath.

Girls at play

Dorothy and Eleanor are starting to play together. They interact with each other, and are starting to establish a sister dynamic that will last the rest of their lives. Its a wonderful bond, I hope it stays strong.
This evening the girls where sitting on the floor playing. We had just cleaned up, Dorothy was a great helper, every toy I gave her she put away. She even helped me vacuum, haha (she used the little hand-held one that we use on our car). After vacuuming Dorothy sits down with Ellie and puts a blanket over their heads making a tent! I hear giggles coming from under the tent… LOVED IT!
This tent game comes down the generations, I played “tent” under the covers with my Zaddie (grandfather) and my mom plays it with the girls when she watches them. Tonight Matt and I played tent with the girls. It was so much fun, lol. In whispers Dorothy told us about the weather outside of the tent (something she does with my mom I think) and that our cat Fanny wasn’t in the tent and was getting cold out there. I love the imagination on this kid! She learns so fast!
It was so cute to see Dorothy start playing with Ellie, and then invite Matt and me to join in.

Pizza Night

Another food post:

We have a bread machine and love it. We make whole wheat bread a lot, its so good. Dorothy calls it “Daddy Bread” since Matt is the bread machine enthusiast. He always wants to use it. I know he enjoys the smell of bread baking in our home. (who could blame him?)

We made pizza dough last friday. (The recipe called for beer, which was surprising to me, I didn’t know beer was a pizza ingredient. Matt used a local beer.) Matt and Dorothy had a great time making pizza. We have a pizza stone, and they made 2 small pizzas and 1 large pizza later. This was great, Dorothy loves pizza and it was so easy!

Matt really enjoyed doing this project with Dorothy. We always come home from a Project Fun or the Children’s Museum with an art project or new game. He hardly ever is able to take part in our fridge art, or other activities. Not that Matt doesn’t do a lot of fun stuff with Dorothy, he goes out with her to ride her bike and takes her to the play ground and many other activities… but not often ones where she is creating something.

This time he was at the center of the fun. Dorothy and Matt rolled the pizza out and poured on the sauce and sprinkled the cheeses together. It was a great friday night activity with such tasty results!

Ellie and I worked on baby food… shes going to be a finicky eater I think. As of right now she doesn’t like baby food. She has had a verity of diffident foods from applesauce to avocados, and many others in between… we’re going to keep trying but she really doesn’t like it thus far.  More on this frustrating point another day.

Berry Fun

We went blueberry picking over the weekend. Not only was it a fun family day out but we came home with some extremely delicious berries! It was a whole family outing, Matt came with us even though he doesn’t like blueberries! It was so much fun… we went with 2 other families, and all our kids are friends. Dorothy loved running through the bushes hunting for blue berries and not pink ones. She did fall once and spill out her berries, which we then filled up again – really fast!

She also ate more blueberries then she picked. So did I. I think everyone just about filled up on berries, except for Matt and Eleanor.

Ellie didn’t want to remain in the carrier. All she wanted to do was keep an eye on her sister and her sister’s friends, as they where having so much fun. Matt and I took turns holding Ellie and the container for berries while one of us picked.We had a great time, it was a perfect outing. We ended the morning with lunch and ice cream from The Ice Cream Man. We LOVE the ice cream from there, I’ll brave a night of a stomach ache etc for their ice cream. (which they now sell at Coffee Planet in B’Spa!! It was so nice to sit outside on the black metal table and chairs and enjoy a ice cream cone and only have to spend 5 minuets in the car to get there and then home.)

Now I have a very large bag of frozen blueberries to sit next to my strawberries. I can’t wait to have them as another reminder of this past summer one cold snowy morning in December.

I was thinking of baking blueberry tofu pie, that my mom used to make and I remember loving (its been a long time since she made it) but Dorothy eat a large majority of the berries already, and I want to make smoothies with her with whats left over. We really only have enough left to make smoothies or just eat them… which ever comes first.

2 Giggly Girls

Last night was bath night for both Dorothy and Ellie. Matt sat with Dorothy while she was in the bath. Ellie sat on his lap and watched Dorothy play in the tub. Ellie started to laugh when Dorothy splashed. So Dorothy began to splash a lot! Ellie laughed and laughed, belly roll kind of laugh. I’ve never heard a baby laugh quite like that. Dorothy has such a different laugh, she has so many too! Ellie giggles a lot, sometimes laughs. I wish I had taken a video. It’s still a nice memory of the girls laughing and interacting with each other!

Reflecting on Ellie

this baby LOVES to smile at you when you smile at her!
Eleanor has been a sleepy baby from the first day… I remember the first morning after she was born, I woke up and she was sleeping in the hospital bassinet next to me. I waited FOREVER for her to wake up (it was forever in baby time, an hour and a half). She just lied there sleeping so peacefully, and I waited for her to wake up, if nothing else to just nurse! (Shes a very efficient nurser, she eats and is done. And she wont nurse whenever, or all day, ONLY when she wants to. I could put her to my breast but that doesn’t mean shes gonna nurse, it means I’ll just be over full!)
Anyway a few weeks ago (Eleanor was a little over 1 month old) I had her on her play mat on the floor. Dorothy was also playing with her toys on the floor next to us, and I was trying to give both girls attention. Dorothy was getting frustrated with a toy, so I gave her my full attention for about 5 minutes. I turned back to Eleanor, thinking I would shake a rattle and make her smile, but she had fallen asleep!!! She was just lying there, on the floor surrounded by toys to stimulate her mind and entertain her, and she fell asleep in the midst of it all.
No fuss to fall asleep, not need to nurse to fall asleep… going to sleep just so easy. I was amazed.


A day or 2 ago, Eleanor was feeling fussy. She didn’t want to be put down. I needed to finish dinner, and I couldn’t put on the Ergo. (Most of the time I would put her in the Ergo but it was out in the car and I wasn’t able to get it in time). So I put her in the infant seat. Shes getting annoyed and is on the verge of crying, and I put up her kick toy, and I watched as her face went from unhappy to super happy! It was so cute! I watched as her mood changed instantly.