Bubbles and Duckies!

What is it about little girls and bubble baths? Why do they love them so much?? When I was little I LOVED my bubble bath. My Bubby (grandmother) was kind of ghetto and used dish washing liquid to make bubbles in our bath. But it made better bubbles then this kid’s bubble bath I have by Johnson and Johnson. Still both Dorothy and Eleanor get excited when they see the bubbles in the tub. (Eleanor doesn’t get a bubble bath yet, but we hang out while Dorothy does. Eleanor is learning by example πŸ˜‰ )

I still love bubble baths, but I like the fancy scented ones now that I’m grown. πŸ™‚ last time I took a bubble bath, Dorothy insisted that I use her rubber duck, because thats how you have a bubble bath.


the most reluctant iphone owner

I got talked into keeping it! damn salesman at the at&t store…. I downed my allowed data, and I am determined not to use it at all. I am not even looking at the app store, I will only use it for email from a wi-fi location. Its for texting and calls, and to be used as an ipod otherwise. I’m not going to even put facebook or any other websites on it. its not worth it for me … I’m still not sure I want it maybe I will just have to go there and return it anyway. I just feel so ridicules and irresponsible with it.


I am making my husband take mine back. I know, I must have lost my mind… but honestly I really didn’t want it. Its expensive. I feel so crazy about money these days, I am so worried to spend even 2$ extra on anything that I see it as an unnecessary frivolity! I know he really wanted one. Let him keep his. I give in to things for him a lot, so I dont really mind… if there is something I really want I can have it, usually. The thing is what I really want is a house. More than anything I want a house and a particular one …

As for the iphone don’t have time to play with it, or even want to. I tried to check it out the other day and got annoyed with how much time I spent with it and not my school work. Girls where asleep, what the hell was I doing??

I spent today with it, and must admit I really do like it but again I can’t stand to spend that kind of money on something I really don’t need. Hanukkah is coming and I can use that money on my children. I need clothes for work which I have been putting off for months… maybe I should take care of that?? Next year when I am working for pay I will treat my self to an iphone, if we already have a house. And if I have time to use it….

Girls at play

Dorothy and Eleanor are starting to play together. They interact with each other, and are starting to establish a sister dynamic that will last the rest of their lives. Its a wonderful bond, I hope it stays strong.
This evening the girls where sitting on the floor playing. We had just cleaned up, Dorothy was a great helper, every toy I gave her she put away. She even helped me vacuum, haha (she used the little hand-held one that we use on our car). After vacuuming Dorothy sits down with Ellie and puts a blanket over their heads making a tent! I hear giggles coming from under the tent… LOVED IT!
This tent game comes down the generations, I played “tent” under the covers with my Zaddie (grandfather) and my mom plays it with the girls when she watches them. Tonight Matt and I played tent with the girls. It was so much fun, lol. In whispers Dorothy told us about the weather outside of the tent (something she does with my mom I think) and that our cat Fanny wasn’t in the tent and was getting cold out there. I love the imagination on this kid! She learns so fast!
It was so cute to see Dorothy start playing with Ellie, and then invite Matt and me to join in.

Apple sauce and Greenbeans

These are the 2 things I made this weekend for Ellie. Both where a hit!!

The green beans came out kind of grainy when all “mashed up” in the food processor. May save those for finger food in small cut up sizes, cause they where very soft whole and Ellie really liked the taste. The apple sauce was so easy, just water and apples and it came out so sweet! Ellie ate it up!

It was a good eating weekend for the baby. I love it when she tries new things and loves them.

On another note, I seriously love this baby girl. The other morning I woke up and saw I had another 20 min before the girls would be up and I was about to roll over and snuggle down for 20 min more sleep. Then I remembered that I didn’t have any bottles ready for the day and would have to pump. Its very hard to pump once the girls are up, they don’t let me sit still. So I got up and pumped breast milk for Ellie’s bottles, the whole time daydreaming about the missed 20 min sleep. With 2 little girls any extra sleep missed is almost a crime not to take advantage.

Ellie vs. Baby food – round 3

And the winner of round 3 is…


and Ellie is an eater! We are so pleased πŸ™‚

She loves sweet potato, butternut squash, avocado, and peaches apples and grapes. She really loves grapes. Shes gets happy and excited when its time to eat. She doesn’t eat more then once a day yet, but its a start. Especially since she eats a substandard amount now.

I bought a pie pumpkin today. I am gonna bake it tomorrow on my day off and see how she likes it. The trick with Ellie is that she doesn’t like the jar’ed stuff. She wants me to make it. I have about 10 of these organic babyfood packages which are going to the baby sitter now since her daughter will eat them!

The next adventure is going to trying some greenbeans and peas and apple sauce. Hoping they have some good ingredients at the farmers market this week.

as for the rest of us- I am craving these. Gonna have to get some of the good stuff to make them. Job Lots often has a good selection of healthy peanut butter. πŸ™‚

2 bitting stories

Last week my big girl turned 3.


She is so big. She goes to school without much problem, she can do so much. She can also drive me crazy, but really I am thankful for it all. I can’t get over how amazing she is. (Yes I know, every parent feels this way and rightfully so.) I mean she is a total 3 year old with all the good and bad aspects of the age. She is so funny too… the other day she was nursing her baby doll and all of a sudden she goes “Ouch! my baby bite me!! No more nursing for you baby”

I could not stop laughing! It was hilarious!

At the birthday party over the weekend, we had another biting incident! this time it involved Ellie. My mother in law was feeding Ellie a piece of fruit. She put her finger a little to close to Ellie’s mouth. Ellie must have thought it was a piece of fruit cause sheΒ  bit down hard. My MIL had bit marks on both sides of her finger!!! For a kid who gives me trouble eating baby food, she really can bit! Good thing we have some teething biscuits.

My girls are so funny and amazing as they grow up. Its been a good ride so far but it’s getting better πŸ™‚