2 bitting stories

Last week my big girl turned 3.


She is so big. She goes to school without much problem, she can do so much. She can also drive me crazy, but really I am thankful for it all. I can’t get over how amazing she is. (Yes I know, every parent feels this way and rightfully so.) I mean she is a total 3 year old with all the good and bad aspects of the age. She is so funny too… the other day she was nursing her baby doll and all of a sudden she goes “Ouch! my baby bite me!! No more nursing for you baby”

I could not stop laughing! It was hilarious!

At the birthday party over the weekend, we had another biting incident! this time it involved Ellie. My mother in law was feeding Ellie a piece of fruit. She put her finger a little to close to Ellie’s mouth. Ellie must have thought it was a piece of fruit cause she  bit down hard. My MIL had bit marks on both sides of her finger!!! For a kid who gives me trouble eating baby food, she really can bit! Good thing we have some teething biscuits.

My girls are so funny and amazing as they grow up. Its been a good ride so far but it’s getting better 🙂