1 Year

At Eleanor’s first birthday party this weekend I commented to Matt “this is our last 1st Birthday Party” he laughed and nodded. Obviously with that comment we have decided not to have any more children.
It’s an odd moment, for the last 3+ years my life revolved around babies, having them, raising them. Now with my youngest child moving away from babyhood so will my life.

There are things I am going to miss about not having a baby, but my life will also start to get easier. Ellie is able to have whole milk, so there is an end in sight to pumping and eventually nursing. I am really looking forward to the end of pumping each day. As Ellie gets bigger it will be easier to go places do things, like seeing my friends who aren’t local, or going shopping.

I can really feel my life changing. I am going to suppose it’s for the better. Either way my girls are really amazing.


2 bitting stories

Last week my big girl turned 3.


She is so big. She goes to school without much problem, she can do so much. She can also drive me crazy, but really I am thankful for it all. I can’t get over how amazing she is. (Yes I know, every parent feels this way and rightfully so.) I mean she is a total 3 year old with all the good and bad aspects of the age. She is so funny too… the other day she was nursing her baby doll and all of a sudden she goes “Ouch! my baby bite me!! No more nursing for you baby”

I could not stop laughing! It was hilarious!

At the birthday party over the weekend, we had another biting incident! this time it involved Ellie. My mother in law was feeding Ellie a piece of fruit. She put her finger a little to close to Ellie’s mouth. Ellie must have thought it was a piece of fruit cause she  bit down hard. My MIL had bit marks on both sides of her finger!!! For a kid who gives me trouble eating baby food, she really can bit! Good thing we have some teething biscuits.

My girls are so funny and amazing as they grow up. Its been a good ride so far but it’s getting better 🙂

Eleanor vs. Baby Food – round 2

In the last few weeks we have really been struggling to get Eleanor to eat anything. She just didn’t seem to like food, and she wasn’t really swallowing much of anything. It had me worried. After about 5 bits she would start to cry and I would give up. Don’t need to make her crazy over food. I spoke with her doctor and she was going to refer us to a speech therapist who could “teach” Ellie how to eat. Seemed like a good idea, and so i agreed. (I’m still waiting to hear from the therapist to set up an appointment).

As of last night she ate mashed avocado and loved it! I feed her with my finger instead of a spoon, and Ellie kept pulling my finger back for more. She swallowed a lot of it, and really enjoyed it. So I know she can swallow food, all I have to do now is figure out how to keep her eating.

She also is teething like crazy, 3 top teeth at once. Not much sleep in our house the last few nights. Its going to be an interesting week of teaching and little sleep.

So thus far the score stands: Ellie 2 / food 1. I am hopeful that food will gain a point this week though.

More Books!!

We are book people. Matt and I love reading, and having our books around us accessible. Dorothy is loving her books too… at bed time she always asks for “just one more book.” It’s very hard not to give in to that, but when its half an hour later and the light is still on, it can be annoying.
not the point.
The point is that I love that she loves books. She takes  them out to “read to Ellie” and I think “score!!”
Dorothy is about to turn 3, and she is growing out of some of our favorite books. Which is good since I am tired of reading them over and over again. I read The Littlest Princess at least 3 times tonight.  I will read the Cat in the Hat and Go Dog Go over and over again. She also loves Marvin the Ape and Ferdinand.

So I need some new books. Hanukkah is just around the corner believe it of not, it starts the beginning of December this year. I need to start thinking of gifts for both girls, and Book Night (the second night of Hanukkah in our house) is on my mind. I’m not so worried about finding books Ellie will love, baby books are familiar territory, but this new area of big girl books has me thinking. and looking for suggestions…Please?

UPDATE: 8/31/10

I forgot to mention that every book Dorothy reads by herself, she starts with “Once Upon A Time” and ends with “The End.” This goes for the books I’ve read to her so that she has memorized them and they don’t start or end with either phrase, lol

Kicking and Dreaming

Ellie was kicking in her sleep. Matt and I thought she had woken up and Matt went to pick her up. She was still fast asleep. He’s sure she was dreaming about kicking. Shes such a strong kicker, she bruises my legs when I sit her on my lap. and you have to be careful not to put your face in range of her feet, or you might end up with a black eye. haha.

2 Giggly Girls

Last night was bath night for both Dorothy and Ellie. Matt sat with Dorothy while she was in the bath. Ellie sat on his lap and watched Dorothy play in the tub. Ellie started to laugh when Dorothy splashed. So Dorothy began to splash a lot! Ellie laughed and laughed, belly roll kind of laugh. I’ve never heard a baby laugh quite like that. Dorothy has such a different laugh, she has so many too! Ellie giggles a lot, sometimes laughs. I wish I had taken a video. It’s still a nice memory of the girls laughing and interacting with each other!

1st tooth!

Eleanor’s 1st tooth finally showed up!! After weeks of teething, and fussiness she has something to show for it!! It will probably go back down into the gums and we won’t see it for another few days but I’m sure it’s there! Dorothy of course wanted to see and was frustrated when she didn’t see anything. I told her it takes a few days to grow in and that seemed to make it ok. I wish that Eleanor’s teeth could have waited a few months to show up… again my baby girl is growing up way to fast!!