Crawling … sort of

Ellie is “crawling” on her back, going backwards. She can move from one end of the crib to the other. For a long time now she can spin around and face another direction on her back. I do not remember if Dorothy ever did this, but if she did she was way older than 4 months. Ellie’s legs are just so strong! Ellie’s babysitter (who has a baby 1 week older) keeps remarking how surprised she is at the strength in her legs. Ellie figured out that she can turn the mobile on and off by kicking the colorful buttons. She spent almost 20 minutes entertaining herself kicking it on and then off, getting a different song each time. She laughed each time it started again, and talked to the hanging guys going around and around.

Her ability to hold her head up is also remarkable. She has been able to hold her head up for months. I think it’s so she can keep an eye on whats going on with Dorothy. She loves to watch Dorothy play and run around with her friends.

Ellie also rolls over now (has for a few weeks). She gets frustrated though when she rolls from her back to her belly. She rolls on to her belly and the view of the world changes for her. On the play mat, she will roll over and after a few minutes she starts to get unhappy. She hasn’t figured out how to really control rolling over from her belly to her back. She has done it but I think it was involuntary. Ellie likes to look up and kick her hanging toys, she can see whats going on around her. When she rolls over she is stuck having to work harder to see, and she has to take a short break (less than 30 seconds) to put her head down and rest her neck.  While she is on her belly, she sometime inches backwards, but I think that is also involuntary. She looks at me as if to say, help me out and turn me over already! Shes moving so much faster than I remember Dorothy doing. I kind of wanted to keep her as much of a baby as possible, so that I could really enjoy her babyhood. She had other ideas, and like Dorothy, Ellie runs the show, and I’m just happy to participate.


Our small bed

Sometimes I find that l like my children best when they are sleeping. They are peaceful and quite and look so pleasant. The other morning Dorothy climbed into my bed, as she does just about every day.  She lied down, and fell asleep on Matt’s side of the bed. I brought Ellie to the bed to nurse, and we fell asleep to. When I woke up Dorothy and Ellie had their heads together and both were fast asleep. It was so cute!

This morning Eleanor woke me up with a surprise, an exploding diaper… this was the 3rd exploding diaper in as many days.  After putting her on the bed, surrounded by pillows so she couldn’t go anywhere, I started to change her sheets. When I cam back into the room Eleanor had fallen back asleep toes in her mouth!

The girls often end up in our bed. Dorothy crawls in during the early morning hours, and Ellie and I often both fall asleep at some point during nursing. Our little bed (only a full size) gets very crowded. I can’t wait until we buy a house and then eventually buy a new bed, maybe a King size just to make up for the crowded one we have now. But by then our kids won’t be crawling n anymore. It will be so big Matt and I won’t be able to find each other… I’ll miss him, or maybe then his snoring won’t bother me so much since he’ll be so far away.

Reflecting on Ellie

this baby LOVES to smile at you when you smile at her!
Eleanor has been a sleepy baby from the first day… I remember the first morning after she was born, I woke up and she was sleeping in the hospital bassinet next to me. I waited FOREVER for her to wake up (it was forever in baby time, an hour and a half). She just lied there sleeping so peacefully, and I waited for her to wake up, if nothing else to just nurse! (Shes a very efficient nurser, she eats and is done. And she wont nurse whenever, or all day, ONLY when she wants to. I could put her to my breast but that doesn’t mean shes gonna nurse, it means I’ll just be over full!)
Anyway a few weeks ago (Eleanor was a little over 1 month old) I had her on her play mat on the floor. Dorothy was also playing with her toys on the floor next to us, and I was trying to give both girls attention. Dorothy was getting frustrated with a toy, so I gave her my full attention for about 5 minutes. I turned back to Eleanor, thinking I would shake a rattle and make her smile, but she had fallen asleep!!! She was just lying there, on the floor surrounded by toys to stimulate her mind and entertain her, and she fell asleep in the midst of it all.
No fuss to fall asleep, not need to nurse to fall asleep… going to sleep just so easy. I was amazed.


A day or 2 ago, Eleanor was feeling fussy. She didn’t want to be put down. I needed to finish dinner, and I couldn’t put on the Ergo. (Most of the time I would put her in the Ergo but it was out in the car and I wasn’t able to get it in time). So I put her in the infant seat. Shes getting annoyed and is on the verge of crying, and I put up her kick toy, and I watched as her face went from unhappy to super happy! It was so cute! I watched as her mood changed instantly.

Baby Carrier Love cont.

I love the new infant insert for the Ergo Baby Carrier! In the last 2 months, it has saved the day more than a few times. I can “put Eleanor on” and still have my hands free to play with Dorothy.

When Eleanor is cranky, in the Ergo she goes… a little rocking… and I have calm or sleeping baby. It really is wonderful, I put Eleanor down while still in the insert and she will sleep like that for a long time! I love baby wearing! I had to go shopping today (oh the horror!) with my 2 girls. Dorothy went into the stroller and Eleanor into the Ergo… when she fell asleep I just laid her down the stroller, tried on my clothes, and then put her back in the Ergo when she woke up again. It makes life so easy. I go on the “mommy walks” with my friends, and just push Dorothy in the single stroller and Eleanor is happy to be worn. I have even tried to nurse her while in the Ergo, (we where at the park for a play date) and it went fairly well. Obviously I HIGHLY recommend it if your going to do the babywearing thing.

continued from this past post

Great Find- Uddercovers!

This was passed along to me from one of the Mothers in out mommy group, the Milkmaids.

“Free nursing cover!  Just go to and hit shop now.  Choose any “uddercover” (nice name) and you will get it for just $9.95 which is just for shipping when you type in the promo code MOTHER.”

I ordered one for myself and one for a gift… they are very cute and look very functional!

Lost time

I feel like I lost the first month of Eleanor’s life.
I didn’t hold her enough. I had mastitis, which kicked my butt. I didn’t pick her up unless to nurse, which wasn’t much at the time. When I was up and about I was trying to give Dorothy some attention.
I feel like I lost time.
I hardly put Dorothy down when she was a newborn, but I feel like I hardly held Eleanor. I missed her newness, her smallness. Matt held her ALOT! Thankfully. Hes a great father. Babies need to be held closely, and cradled. Eleanor loves Matt more now, which has split my emotions. In a way I’m grateful that she was given the attention she needed, but I wish it had been me.

Baby Weight

Ugh, I so need to lose the baby weight. I don’t really have any clothes that fit me and I only fit into one pair of jeans, which I wash and wear everyday. It’s more annoying than anything because its hard to feel comfortable when I go out of the house. I know the baby is only almost 5 weeks old, and I haven’t tried to lose the weight yet, but this I think is one of the hardest parts of having a baby. I can’t wait until she is 2 months old and can stay in the baby sitting area of the gym, so I can exercise! At least I’ll feel better about wearing what I have if I know they are temporary.