Bubbles and Duckies!

What is it about little girls and bubble baths? Why do they love them so much?? When I was little I LOVED my bubble bath. My Bubby (grandmother) was kind of ghetto and used dish washing liquid to make bubbles in our bath. But it made better bubbles then this kid’s bubble bath I have by Johnson and Johnson. Still both Dorothy and Eleanor get excited when they see the bubbles in the tub. (Eleanor doesn’t get a bubble bath yet, but we hang out while Dorothy does. Eleanor is learning by example 😉 )

I still love bubble baths, but I like the fancy scented ones now that I’m grown. 🙂 last time I took a bubble bath, Dorothy insisted that I use her rubber duck, because thats how you have a bubble bath.


2 Giggly Girls

Last night was bath night for both Dorothy and Ellie. Matt sat with Dorothy while she was in the bath. Ellie sat on his lap and watched Dorothy play in the tub. Ellie started to laugh when Dorothy splashed. So Dorothy began to splash a lot! Ellie laughed and laughed, belly roll kind of laugh. I’ve never heard a baby laugh quite like that. Dorothy has such a different laugh, she has so many too! Ellie giggles a lot, sometimes laughs. I wish I had taken a video. It’s still a nice memory of the girls laughing and interacting with each other!