1 Year

At Eleanor’s first birthday party this weekend I commented to Matt “this is our last 1st Birthday Party” he laughed and nodded. Obviously with that comment we have decided not to have any more children.
It’s an odd moment, for the last 3+ years my life revolved around babies, having them, raising them. Now with my youngest child moving away from babyhood so will my life.

There are things I am going to miss about not having a baby, but my life will also start to get easier. Ellie is able to have whole milk, so there is an end in sight to pumping and eventually nursing. I am really looking forward to the end of pumping each day. As Ellie gets bigger it will be easier to go places do things, like seeing my friends who aren’t local, or going shopping.

I can really feel my life changing. I am going to suppose it’s for the better. Either way my girls are really amazing.


Apple sauce and Greenbeans

These are the 2 things I made this weekend for Ellie. Both where a hit!!

The green beans came out kind of grainy when all “mashed up” in the food processor. May save those for finger food in small cut up sizes, cause they where very soft whole and Ellie really liked the taste. The apple sauce was so easy, just water and apples and it came out so sweet! Ellie ate it up!

It was a good eating weekend for the baby. I love it when she tries new things and loves them.

On another note, I seriously love this baby girl. The other morning I woke up and saw I had another 20 min before the girls would be up and I was about to roll over and snuggle down for 20 min more sleep. Then I remembered that I didn’t have any bottles ready for the day and would have to pump. Its very hard to pump once the girls are up, they don’t let me sit still. So I got up and pumped breast milk for Ellie’s bottles, the whole time daydreaming about the missed 20 min sleep. With 2 little girls any extra sleep missed is almost a crime not to take advantage.