Butterfly room- another great find


Thinking of getting some of these for Dorothy’s room if we ever get a house. I have no idea what Eleanor will be into but maybe she will like the bumble bees… and if I can I’ll do flowers in both their rooms. That is if we ever move and find a house to live in/buy.


Ellie vs. Baby food – round 3

And the winner of round 3 is…


and Ellie is an eater! We are so pleased 🙂

She loves sweet potato, butternut squash, avocado, and peaches apples and grapes. She really loves grapes. Shes gets happy and excited when its time to eat. She doesn’t eat more then once a day yet, but its a start. Especially since she eats a substandard amount now.

I bought a pie pumpkin today. I am gonna bake it tomorrow on my day off and see how she likes it. The trick with Ellie is that she doesn’t like the jar’ed stuff. She wants me to make it. I have about 10 of these organic babyfood packages which are going to the baby sitter now since her daughter will eat them!

The next adventure is going to trying some greenbeans and peas and apple sauce. Hoping they have some good ingredients at the farmers market this week.

as for the rest of us- I am craving these. Gonna have to get some of the good stuff to make them. Job Lots often has a good selection of healthy peanut butter. 🙂

Great Find- Uddercovers!

This was passed along to me from one of the Mothers in out mommy group, the Milkmaids.

“Free nursing cover!  Just go to www.uddercovers.com and hit shop now.  Choose any “uddercover” (nice name) and you will get it for just $9.95 which is just for shipping when you type in the promo code MOTHER.”

I ordered one for myself and one for a gift… they are very cute and look very functional!

Leg Warmers are back! For babys.

Baby leg warmers

Dorothy's baby leg warmers

I’ve seen them in some stores, like Target where I stumbled on these 2 years ago, (the summer before Dorothy was 1) and totally loved them! They are very soft and kept the legs warm and cozy.

They are great for the cool summer evenings, or if your child refuses to wear clothing (like mine). I’ve even put them over stocking on really cold days in the winter! I still have Dorothy’s, but think I’ll get a second pair for her sister. They are also a great gift (if you can find them or think to order them ahead of time, details, details.) The site says that bigger kids can wear them too, and they still fit Dorothy. I think I will try to get her to wear them… maybe I’ll even get matching leg warmers for both girls!