Driving home from preschool Friday Dorothy tells me she has a ‘BFF’. I asked who and did she know what that meant. In a very superior voice she tells me its best friends forever and G is her best friend, duh.
(thats 2 new things: BFF and duh. great, just great)
Anyway we continue to talk about her school day, what was the project and who did she sit with to do said project, books read what was talked about etc. Then as she is telling me about the playground she said the teacher had said something about how nice it was and the next sentence was and I quot: “and me and my bff where just standing there and” (at this moment I bust out laughing.) this annoyed her so much! I interrupted her and it wasn’t funny apparently because it was a serious kind of story. I couldn’t help it, shes 4 going on 14 and it was just to funny. Then she goes “mom, it wasn’t funny Mrs.M was serious” (about how nice the weather was).


Preschool has started!!!

Dorothy had her first real day at preschool yesterday.

The whole morning she kept saying how she didn’t want to go to school, and then asking me if I would stay. I had to bribe her to go, I let her wear my silver butterfly necklace. I got it for a steal, ($20 down from $60 @ Macy’s) so I wasn’t really into sharing with her. But it got her out the door into the car.
We got there a bit early, so I could hang around a bit, and make sure Dorothy was comfortable in the classroom. After hanging out for about 5-10 minuets, Ellie (in the Ergo) and I slipped out. Dorothy was busy playing with purple play dough. She was so happy, it was her favorite color.  Once we slipped out I got out of there super fast. I didn’t want to be wearing Eleanor if I started to cry. I didn’t but that’s due to shear self control. I was super nervous the whole time. I wanted to go back and check in on them but I know better, and if I did and she wasn’t happy I would take her out right a way and say “screw it” to letting her be comfortable in the classroom, and letting Dorothy adjust to it.

Thankfully I wouldn’t have had to if I did go peak in half way through the class. Dorothy was having a blast! She was so happy to see me but at the same time wasn’t sure she wanted to go home. It was to much fun in the classroom. I did get there 10 minuets early to look in, and the kids where dancing and Dorothy was in her element!! When I did go into the classroom she showed me some of the toys and games in there, and told me about what they did.

She did say that she wanted me at times throughout the day, but that she did not cry. I didn’t ask the teacher, I  figured she will tell me if she needed to. The best part of the whole experience was when we were getting into the car, and she said “that was really fun” and I asked “Should you go back to school next week?” Dorothy: “Yes!”

Preschool was a hit! I’m thrilled!!! I can’t wait for the rest of the year to come and watch her grow and (I hope) to learn to love school!! It’s such a relief to know that she is happy…