1 Year

At Eleanor’s first birthday party this weekend I commented to Matt “this is our last 1st Birthday Party” he laughed and nodded. Obviously with that comment we have decided not to have any more children.
It’s an odd moment, for the last 3+ years my life revolved around babies, having them, raising them. Now with my youngest child moving away from babyhood so will my life.

There are things I am going to miss about not having a baby, but my life will also start to get easier. Ellie is able to have whole milk, so there is an end in sight to pumping and eventually nursing. I am really looking forward to the end of pumping each day. As Ellie gets bigger it will be easier to go places do things, like seeing my friends who aren’t local, or going shopping.

I can really feel my life changing. I am going to suppose it’s for the better. Either way my girls are really amazing.


Preschool has started!!!

Dorothy had her first real day at preschool yesterday.

The whole morning she kept saying how she didn’t want to go to school, and then asking me if I would stay. I had to bribe her to go, I let her wear my silver butterfly necklace. I got it for a steal, ($20 down from $60 @ Macy’s) so I wasn’t really into sharing with her. But it got her out the door into the car.
We got there a bit early, so I could hang around a bit, and make sure Dorothy was comfortable in the classroom. After hanging out for about 5-10 minuets, Ellie (in the Ergo) and I slipped out. Dorothy was busy playing with purple play dough. She was so happy, it was her favorite color.  Once we slipped out I got out of there super fast. I didn’t want to be wearing Eleanor if I started to cry. I didn’t but that’s due to shear self control. I was super nervous the whole time. I wanted to go back and check in on them but I know better, and if I did and she wasn’t happy I would take her out right a way and say “screw it” to letting her be comfortable in the classroom, and letting Dorothy adjust to it.

Thankfully I wouldn’t have had to if I did go peak in half way through the class. Dorothy was having a blast! She was so happy to see me but at the same time wasn’t sure she wanted to go home. It was to much fun in the classroom. I did get there 10 minuets early to look in, and the kids where dancing and Dorothy was in her element!! When I did go into the classroom she showed me some of the toys and games in there, and told me about what they did.

She did say that she wanted me at times throughout the day, but that she did not cry. I didn’t ask the teacher, I  figured she will tell me if she needed to. The best part of the whole experience was when we were getting into the car, and she said “that was really fun” and I asked “Should you go back to school next week?” Dorothy: “Yes!”

Preschool was a hit! I’m thrilled!!! I can’t wait for the rest of the year to come and watch her grow and (I hope) to learn to love school!! It’s such a relief to know that she is happy…

More Books!!

We are book people. Matt and I love reading, and having our books around us accessible. Dorothy is loving her books too… at bed time she always asks for “just one more book.” It’s very hard not to give in to that, but when its half an hour later and the light is still on, it can be annoying.
not the point.
The point is that I love that she loves books. She takes  them out to “read to Ellie” and I think “score!!”
Dorothy is about to turn 3, and she is growing out of some of our favorite books. Which is good since I am tired of reading them over and over again. I read The Littlest Princess at least 3 times tonight.  I will read the Cat in the Hat and Go Dog Go over and over again. She also loves Marvin the Ape and Ferdinand.

So I need some new books. Hanukkah is just around the corner believe it of not, it starts the beginning of December this year. I need to start thinking of gifts for both girls, and Book Night (the second night of Hanukkah in our house) is on my mind. I’m not so worried about finding books Ellie will love, baby books are familiar territory, but this new area of big girl books has me thinking. and looking for suggestions…Please?

UPDATE: 8/31/10

I forgot to mention that every book Dorothy reads by herself, she starts with “Once Upon A Time” and ends with “The End.” This goes for the books I’ve read to her so that she has memorized them and they don’t start or end with either phrase, lol

A change of view

It’s funny how the way you see the world can change instantly. With the birth of Eleanor, the way I saw Dorothy changed. Dorothy took on a new look, she went from being this tiny child to me to being so big! She didn’t really change but my interpretation of her did. She was suddenly heavy to lift, and so active in a way I didn’t realize before. She is so busy, and talks so much! Eleanor is a sleepy baby, very relaxed. Nothing about Dorothy really changed but I changed. I took on a new perspective, I had her sister to compare her with.
I know many parents feel anxiety over having to split their time between two children before or once the second child arrives. I was no different, and still worry about giving each one enough attention. I worry that because Eleanore is so small and un-demanding with my time and attention I ignore her. Once those feelings and thoughts hit I give her my full on attention. Which leaves me to worry about leaving Dorothy hanging. She was so used to being the center of my world and now that she’s not, I worry she will suffer in some way.
I am aware that these feelings will even out as we all get settled in (which has been made harder over the last 3 weeks due to my being sick). I am also aware that my hormones are affecting me significantly. The knowledge of these additional factors should reassure me that everything is fine and normal. But the irrational side of my mind takes over more often than not.
As of this moment in time though, with both girls fast asleep, safe and happy, I feel peace, which is the feeling I will hold on to when my irrational fears pop up.

One heck of a week

This has been a very eventful week… just not in the way I thought it would be! My due date is today, but no baby yet. This has been such a crazy week! It started out ok, nothing to eventful monday… but every day after was some type of something!

Tuesday: call from the Dr saying I missed my appt. My reaction: “WHAT?? Seriously?” turns out that when I got a reminder call last week they stated the wrong day and so I wrote down the wrong day! Ugh, I had to drive all the way to Troy (45 minuets away) for another appointment.

Wednesday: This middle of the week day was anything but boring! Preschool registration day, which means getting to the YMCA at 7 am for the 9am sign up. We got there right at 7 to sign the list, and we where #53 or something at 7 am!!! Some people had been there since 5 am waiting to enroll their child into preschool. We got one of the last spots of the class I wanted Dorothy to be in. It was not easy waiting with a 2 year old, but thankfully only minor meltdowns occurred. After the stress of preschool registration, I went to the chiropractor (hoping to kick-start labor, didn’t happen!) and on the way home got into a FENDER BENDER! This teenager ran into me at a stop sign! He freaked out when he saw this big pregnant lady waddle towards him. He started to hyper ventilate and then almost cry! Not what I expected, I felt so bad for him. Thankfully the car was not damaged, Dorothy and I and baby were ok… the worst I think was that I got knocked out of alignment! Matt came home to tell me he was laid off (very common and expected in his line of work) but still stressful. The timing is good though, since he’ll be around for the baby’s birth. And then I had class until 9pm… it was a LONG day.

Thursday: Nice morning. Matt went to Open Gym, where he was the star of the day. The kids LOVED having a Dad run around with them and play ball and everything else. I think he got a little overwhelmed, lol. Other then that it was a nice day, dinner with my grandparents, which is always nice.

Friday: Finally got to see the midwife this week. And nothing. Just “we’ll see you next week. but hope we will see you sooner!” yea me to. SO ready to have this baby… did get several chores done. Lots of driving to find a 25 ft garden hose so I can have a water birth should I want one.  My knee swelled up (pre usual) and twisted my ankle.

Now I’m awake in the middle of the night waiting, hoping and praying to go into labor… eating ice cream, which is making me sick as soon as I’m finished eating it. This week would be topped perfectly if I could just finish it off by having my daughter!

“I’m not a Baby!”

Dorothy was yelling this to some older children at an indoor playground the other day. This tiny little 2 1/2 year old (she’s hardly on any growth chart) is one tough cookie. She refuses to be pushed around by anyone. Often I have observed her in situations, which she and another child aren’t “being nice” or “sharing.” (How terribly 2 years old!) Most of the time I step in and try to get her to exhibit the appropriate behavior, and I understand that it’s a learning process. But when I see her stand up for herself, I just let the situation play out as long as no one is getting hurt. This time she was doing just that! At this indoor playground (thank god for those in the winter!) 3 older children refused to let her play with them telling her “No Babies allowed!” All she did was correct them, repeatedly! And Strongly! Dorothy does not seem to be intimidated by other children. She knows her mind and refuses to be told otherwise. This gets in the way of parenting her, but I am starting to see its benefits!

Other times I have noticed that Dorothy will not back down from older/bigger children when they try to take a toy, or refuse to play. She tried to break up a fight between 2 little boys by giving them extra toys, instead of fighting over the 1 on which they were focused on. Dorothy seems to love when everyone gets along, a trait inherited from her father. Even at 2.5 years, it has manifested itself often! I have to admit my surprise and pride in her behavior. It makes those “2 year old moments” worthwhile.